This may seem like a crazy feature to focus on when trying to find a new car seat. Obviously, safety is the primary concern. You want something that will give your little angel the best possible protection should the worst happen. And of course, you want something that is completely comfortable for them to ride in so that they enjoy their time in the back seat. But for your sanity, making sure you get a convertible child seat with a cup holder is going to end up being a blessing.

A happy baby leads to a happy parent, and having constant access to their favorite sippy cup is going to make them a much more pleasant passenger. Do yourself a favor and save yourself some hassle by making sure that cup holders are a priority. To help you out we have compiled a brief list of some quality options that include this most important feature.

Child Seats With The Almighty Cup Holder

Graco 4Ever All In One

After reading this Graco 4Ever review you can see why this such a popular convertible car seat. It has just about everything that you would want, including 2 cup holders. You can use this one seat from when your child is an infant all the way until they are ready to use a regular seat belt. It is rated for kids up to 120 lbs which means that you will not have to buy separate seats as your child grows. It also passes safety standards set out for child seats so you know that you are getting something that will offer supreme protection.

We have experience with this particular model and it is something that we can recommend with confidence. We bought it for our second child, and let me tell you those cup holders really opened our eyes to just how important they are. It cleans up well and it is pretty easy to install. This would be a terrific choice for new parents looking for a no hassle seat that will stand up over time. It has a lifespan of 10 years.

Evenflo Symphony DLX

This is another popular seat that integrates 2 cup holders into their design. It has excellent features including comfy, energy absorbing cushions to give your child a safe and delightful ride. It is also an all in one seat meaning that it is suitable for kids from 5 up to 110 lbs. You can usually find it online for just under $200 which, for the price, means that you are getting incredible value for the money. It has most of the safety features of higher priced models and it is something that children love riding in. We have never used this seat, but we have found that reviews from parents have been very good for this particular convertible car seat. It is something we would strongly consider if we were in the market.

Graco Size4Me 65

This convertible car seat is one of the higher rated options around. Parents love its protection features as well as how easy it is to use. It is rated for kids up to 65 lbs so you will get a few years of service out of it before having to buy a booster seat. It has one integrated cup holder. Its has an excellent reputation for being something that kids just love to ride in as well. Graco makes fantastic seats that are in the mid-range price spectrum and most of their seats have cup holders. This makes them one of our favorite brand names. The Size4Me 65 is also another excellent option for first time parents in need of a car seat that should not give them any problems.

Disney APT

Kids love Disney products so the appeal of this seat is pretty apparent. This is an affordable seat, but it does have its limitations. It is only rated for children up to 40 lbs so you will have to go out and buy another car seat after a couple of years or so. These also come with 2 cup holders and for the price it is not a bad starter seat option.

After Market Car Seat Accessories

While it will be easier to buy a convertible seat that as cup holders integrated into the design, don’t fret if you have a seat without this feature. Many manufacturers sell cup holders separately that you can add to your existing seat. However, we feel that their value is so high that these should be part of any seat that already hits the market. If you want to save yourself from pulling out your hair while driving down the road then we advise you not to overlook this one simple feature. Less stress behind the wheel will leave you more focused on what is in front of you rather than what is behind you.